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TA consultants can conduct a holistic assessment of your organization in the program planning and implementation area or they can focus on individual aspects of Program Planning and Implementation such as curriculum design, program proposal and approval process, course design, program launch, program evaluation, and program management.

Develop Quality Curriculum

Advisory Board 
Workforce Alignment
Core Competencies
Experiential Programming
Multiple Delivery Modalities

Guide Proposal &

Approval Process 

Market Research
Proposal Preparation
Budget Development
Revenue Forecasting
Staff & Resource Assessment

Design Exceptional Courses

Leverage Best Practices
Active Learning 
ADA Compliance
Quality Standards
Learning Objects & Apps

Launch Programs Efficiently

Service Agreements
Faculty Contracting
Administrative Support
Operations & Marketing

Evaluation Programs

& Outcomes

Student Outcomes 
Marketing ROI 
Financial Health 
Program Impact
Curriculum Review
Stakeholder Assessment

Actively Manage Programs

Faculty Recruitment & Development 
Data Collection
Curriculum Improvement Modifications
Team Development
Data Gathering  & Analysis
Institutional Collaboration
Accreditation Support

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