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Enrollify Podcast: Strategic Enrollment Marketing During a Global Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and uncertainty about what the summer and fall will look like on campuses is growing, I had the opportunity to discuss strategic approaches to enrollment marketing on the Enrollify podcast with Zach Busekrus.

In addition to the advice I discussed in this article, we covered:

How to leverage faculty to create authentic outreach.

  • Scalable outreach via videos, webinars, and blog posts.

  • Individualized meetings with students (e.g. a virtual fireside chat with an admissions rep).

  • Emphasizing a collaborative approach now more than ever that plans across marketing, admissions, and programs.

A crawl-walk-run strategy for rethinking marketing and admissions strategy over the next year.

  • Short-term low-hanging fruit, like geo-targeted campaigns that promote summer and fall programs based on existing performance data.

  • Medium-term audience profiling and optimization to engage to cater to the existing program portfolio.

  • Long-term strategic collaborations with faculty to tweak, replace, or change programming and better serve market needs.

Maximizing ROI through strategic assessments and message testing.

  • Using competitive analyses to create better differentiation.

  • Testing new messages.

  • against each other to understand emerging prospect motivations during the pandemic.

  • Leveraging insights for strategy and budget pitches to leadership and build consensus across diverse stakeholders.

Listen to the episode here.

These are unchartered waters for higher education, and we are all in this together. A strategic approach to this crisis can strengthen your institution well beyond Covid-19. Explore your needs with one of our partners in a free session,

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