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With Tarragona Associates' help, you will:

• Increase student success and satisfaction

• Improve faculty and staff buy-in and engagement

• Enhance the health of your enrollment and retention pipelines

• Create strong core-mission budgets and build institutional revenue

• Protect the integrity of your academic promise



Program Planning
& Implementation

Curriculum Development

Instructional Design


Course Planning

Program Launch

Evaluation & Assessment

Program Management


Financial Aid

Career Services

IT Support

Learning Analytics

Student Success

Alumni Engagement

Student Experience & Support Services
Community Engagement

Local & Regional Assessment

Networks & Alliances

Communities of Practice

Educational Opportunities

Industry Partnerships

Community Relations

Research and Data Collection

Strategic Planning

Organizational Objectives

Institutional Alignment

Team Building

Deliverables, Timeline, Budget & Roles

Execution & Communication

Change Management Processes

Outcome Evaluation

Change Management

Objectives and Scope

Strategic Alignment

Roles, Timeline, Budget

Resources & Training

Iterative Assessment

Metrics & Communication

Organizational Assessment & Development

Business Processes

Reporting Structures

Mission , Values & Objectives

Organizational Culture


Roles & Relationships 

and More ....

Finance & Business Operations

Resource Benchmakring

Program Benchmarking

Faculty Support

Marketing & Outreach

Enrollment Management

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Customized Consulting

Integrity and Excellence in Lifelong Learning
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