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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our Team
Maureen Hall.jpg

Maureen O. Hall

Partner, Student Services, Program Strategy


Gregory Milton

Partner, Program Strategy and Development

Higher Ed Expertise

Khusro Kidwai

Advisor, Program Management, Online Education & Technology


Consultant, Student Services, Financial Aid

Suzan Brinker

Advisor, Marketing & Communications

Andrea Morris

Advisor, Community Engagement & Partnerships

Justin Camputaro

Consultant, Strategic Planning, Student Services

Audra Delaney

Associate, Marketing & Communication, Student Services


Consultant, Instructional Design

Kristin Denver

Consultant, Instructional Design

Lucy Maillette

Consultant, Program Management, Accreditation

Mark Atkinson

Consultant, Program Management


Consultant, Instructional Design


Consultant, Career Services, Alumni Relations

Kristin Taylor

Consultant, Student Coaching


Consultant, Instructional Design


Diverse Student Populations: Obstacles Before and During COVID-19

Panelists Audra DeLaney, Alberto Maldonado, Twama Nambili, and Kristin Taylor discuss challenges for students from diverse populations accessing and succeeding in college. - Webinar 9/03/20

'Same' Campus, Different Student: Are Universities Ready?

Panelists Clyde Doughty, Andrea Morris, and Jessica Waters explore policy and actions that colleges can take to enhance diversity and student success on campus, moderated by Maureen Hall - Webinar 8/18/20

Student Mental Health in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Suzan Brinker interviews Kristin Taylor about turning advisers and counselors into student coaches who engage with the whole person to build successful student outcomes - Webinar 6/03/20

Successfully Managing a Remote Team

Consultant Mark Atkinson presents ways for managers to better lead remote teams for modern higher ed workforce - Webinar 5/20/20

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