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Meet the Directors: Team

Maureen O. Hall


Maureen is a higher education professional with 20 years of experience managing business school programs and student affairs.  She has been successful in enhancing student and faculty engagement with her office through establishing relationships built on trust, respect, and open communication. 

Khusro Kidwai


Khusro Kidwai, Ph.D., is a higher education administrator with demonstrated leadership and management experience in professional, continuing, online, and international education. He has experience building and managing high-performance teams; and leading and managing change. He has a track record of entrepreneurship in credit and non-credit program development. Dr. Kidwai is committed to innovation in teaching, learning, and curriculum development based in the learning sciences.

Jarrod K. Murray


 Jarrod K. Murray is a distance learning administrator, and project manager.  Jarrod’s career has covered academic administration and corporate leadership.  He specializes in talent management, developing and managing of distance learning programs. Jarrod has worked as a Human Resources Consultant as well as a university administrator in the office of Extended Learning and in the Center for eLearning.  He also served on multiple state led committees as well as local university steering committees.  Jarrod’s diverse background in both private and public work sectors gives him a unique perspective.

Gregory Milton


Greg brings 30 years’ experience in the professional development, training and academic education field to his focus on creating innovative lifelong learning opportunities for all learners. He employs an entrepreneurial approach to facilitating teams, always seeking to better achieve objectives, more efficiently and with higher quality, objectives that provide student-centric success through market-driven digital learning opportunities and enrollment growth.

Beth Warner


In her 23 years as a student services professional, Beth has participated in all aspects of student support, from recruiting through graduation and beyond. She takes a systems approach to developing student-centered solutions within the academic administrative framework.

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