Our Purpose

Tarragona Associates (TA) is a public benefits limited-liability company providing higher education consulting focused on professional, continuing, and online learning. TA connects national and international experts in these fields with higher education institutions seeking advice, assessment, and resources to design, build and maintain high-quality credit and non-credit programs that meet the needs of students in a global economy increasingly reliant on lifelong learning.


Our Vision

To foster integrity and excellence in lifelong learning for our clients, partners, and our community.


Our Values


Demonstrate integrity and excellence by performing to the highest standards of professionalism. We are committed to providing responsive, timely, and high-quality services to the best of our ability to every client, regardless of project scope.


Context Sensitivity

Provide services specific to the culture, needs, and resources available to each individual client. We believe that the strengths, markets, and student populations of every institution are unique and we remain mindful of this context.


Quality Innovation

Co-design creative solutions with our clients to meet and exceed their institution’s quality benchmarks and to incorporate continuous improvement in their business processes. We understand that the key to quality creation and sustained growth lies in seeking opportunities to launch new programs, enter new markets and rethink key processes that reflect the changing world of the 21st century.


Added Value

Create value by assisting our clients to use existing resources efficiently and identify new growth opportunities that are in line with each institution’s strategic objectives. Institutions often have more opportunities than they have resources; we believe excellent consulting must provide concrete value creation to the client with a clear return on investment.



Focus on addressing the multi-dimensional expectations and myriad challenges of lifelong learners. We seek to define pathways to successful outcomes for personal intellectual development, professional development, career advancement, community impact, and thought leadership.


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