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Beth Warner



Beth Warner is a student services professional with 20+ years experience in many areas of academic programs from inception through teachout, including administrative systems design, curriculum development, marketing, student support, and program review. In successfully guiding adult students through the process of finishing academic degrees and certificates, Beth brings a sense of humor to navigating the maze of educational administration to not only get results for individual students but to establish policies and procedures for smoother operations.


Beth has taught several transdisciplinary undergraduate elective courses on topics such as The Media-ted Experience and Time Management in the Age of Distraction. Her thesis presents John Wilmot, the Second Earl of Rochester, as a Lord of Misrule and his work, by turns sublime and obscene, as a window on the pre-modern integration of mind and body.



BA Liberal Studies, Sonoma State University

MA History, Sonoma State University



Project Management Certificate, Sonoma State University


Areas of Expertise

Academic Advising

Student Support Services

Curriculum Design

Program Review

Administrative Systems


Adult Learning

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